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Walkhome Terms and Conditions

The Walkhome terms and conditions are in place to ensure all patrons are aware of the services Walkhome offers and the expectations we have as a service. If you would like more information on the Terms and Conditions of Walkhome, please email the Head Manager at walkhome@ams.queensu.ca.

Walkhome is a free, confidential and safe walk service, which promotes safety awareness to student members of the Queen’s community. Walkhome is not a security or emergency service organization and therefore its staff do not receive training in these areas nor does Walkhome provide these services.

Walkhome receives the majority of its funding through a mandatory AMS Student Activity Fee. For more general information go to walkhome.ca


Walkhome does not collect or retain patron names, addresses or personal identification numbers. Any information entered into the Walkhome app or volunteered over the phone is required for authentication purposes and to confirm that the patron is a student member of the Queen’s community. Information will only be used to deliver the service and will only be retained as long as it is needed.

How We Work

Student members of the Queen’s community have access to use Walkhome during operating hours. Walks can be requested through the Walkhome app, calling our phone number (613-533-9255) or by approaching our kiosk in the lower ceilidh of the John Deutsch University Centre (JDUC). The only information Walkhome requires is where we are picking up from and where we are dropping off. We do require enough information about the location to effectively send our staff to pick up patrons. Using the names of campus buildings and residences (e.g. Victoria Hall, Theological Hall, etc.), exact addresses (e.g. 87 Union, etc.), and street intersections (e.g. University & Union) are all acceptable. If a street intersection is used, we must have the name of two streets that are intersecting.

If there are any special instructions with a pick-up/drop-off address (Unit #, back unit, etc.) we do require that information to best arrive at your destination.

The patron must be at the location by the time the team arrives, Walkhome teams will wait up to 5 minutes for the patron, if the patron is not present at the location within 5 minutes of the team arriving, the team will be reassigned to a different walk, or they will return to the JDUC.

Walkhome is aimed at providing an inclusive, enjoyable, and anti-oppressive environment for all patrons, and we expect all patrons to be respectful to the staff members walking them.


Walkhome is dedicated to student safety on campus, but there are limitations that Walkhome has to ensure the safety of our staff members.

1. Walkhome will not pick up from Bars/Nightclubs (excluding campus establishments such as Queen’s Pub, Clark Hall Pub, Grad Club, etc.). Instead the manager will recommend another pick up location for the patron.

2. Walkhome will not walk anyone who cannot walk themselves. All patrons must be able to walk themselves without the physical assistance of anyone. If a team arrives at a location and finds that the patron cannot walk themselves, the team will deny the walk.

3. Walkhome will not walk anyone who does not want a walk. All walk requests must come from the individual who intends to get the walk. If a team arrives to pick up a patron and the patron states they would not like a walk, the team will return to the JDUC.

Walkhome also holds the right to refuse the service to any patrons who create an unwelcoming or dangerous environment for the staff members.


Walkhome staff members will not enter any residence buildings while on shift. Staff will only pick-up/drop-off patrons outside of Queen’s University residences and will not enter the building. Our expectation is all patrons will be waiting by the entrances of the residence when requesting a walk, if there is a specific address that the patron would like to be picked up from, that must be communicated when arranging for a walk.

Silent Walks

Any patron may request what is called a “Silent Walk”. A silent walk is when the staff walk a few paces behind the patron, and do not have a conversation with the patron. The staff may have a quiet conversation between the two of them, but there is no conversation taking place between the patron and staff. To request a silent walk, simply tell the manager that you would like a silent walk and they will notify the staff.

Patron Requests

Patrons may request to not have certain staff members to walk them. To do this, patron must email walkhome@ams.queensu.ca and state which staff member they would not like to walk them. The management team will ensure that staff are not walking patrons who have requested not to be walked by them.

Cancelled Walks

All patrons hold the right to cancel a walk at any point in the process of using Walkhome. If a patron decides to cancel the walk before the team has arrived at the pick-up location, we ask that the patron informs us of the cancellation. Walks may be cancelled by calling Walkhome or through the Walkhome App. Patrons may also cancel walks while with staff members, patrons can simply tell the staff members they would like to end the walk and the staff will return to the JDUC.


Walkhome works within set boundaries within the university district in Kingston. Walkhome operates within the following borders:

· West: Mowat Avenue

· North: Railway Street

· East: Ontario Street

· South: Lake Ontario

Walkhome will not pick-up/drop-off patrons outside of the boundary lines. Staff will still walk patrons to where the boundary line ends, but will then inform the patron the walk must end there. In rare occasions the manager on duty may allow staff to walk patrons outside of the boundary line based on their judgement, but it is not something to be expected every time.

First Aid or Medical Assistance

Walkhome staff members are not given any sort of first aid or medical training, therefore they are not expected to assist in a first aid situation. If you ever find you are in a first aid or medical situation, we encourage you to call one of the following services:

· Queen’s First Aid: 613-533-6111

· Campus Security: 613-533-6733

· EMS – 911